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Any company, its organization, its performance, is the result of its history, its changes, its management, its teams and individuals.
Whether its results are judged to be good or perfectible at a given time, there is no perfect organization, nor one that can correspond to the majority of companies.
Organization, governance, decision-making are dynamic and the best companies are those that can adapt them to the challenges and specificities of the moment.
Our competence finds its specificity in the help with the reflection and the accompaniment of the leaders, their executive teams and management committees.

Our action, which is particularly suitable for medium-sized or small companies, in a phase of change and in search of structured operation, can take the form of a consulting mission, a structured project, or within the framework of a need. in interim management.

Let's talk transparently and in a simple way about your current vision, reflexion and challenges, or your organization maturity, just make the first contact ! 


VISION & STRATEGY is a consulting service aimed at businesses, helping them develop robust strategies, align team objectives, and effectively plan growth. We define with you the process of annual Business Plan adapted to your needs, as well as the deployment within all layers of the company for a perfect appropriation by the teams.


ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT is the service offering strategic planning, efficient task allocation, and leadership development to help businesses reach their full potential. Often time-consuming and presenting inefficiencies, the management system is the key element of an efficient and empowering management.


QUALITY is a top-tier service dedicated to enhancing your business excellence, to improve efficiency, risk reduction, and optimal customer satisfaction. We support you in the process of setting up an operational system that builds results as much as the culture within the teams.


Warranty Management is a service that handles claims, tracks warranties, and ensures seamless support for products, simplifying after-sales experiences. We will help to implement your management system for the warranty of your products from the financial, parts flow and technical capitalization angles.


A gateway to success for businesses, this service provides expert guidance to navigate and manage your strategic projects, ensuring optimal efficiency and results. We support and coach your team to deliver your key project while growing


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is a proactive service focusing on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of processes, performance, or products to achieve long-term success. We install with you, the required basics, tools and skills of a system of continuous improvement essential to the development of your company.

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